Learn by Doing – Love’s Motto

photo credit: Agianda via photopin cc


One day in.. how are you doing this week? Have you sat with the Lord yet to ask you how to empty yourself to love better?

Less World More Christ

My alma mater’s motto is, ‘Learn by doing.’ One of the better qualities of this is hands-on experience. One of the lesser qualities is mistakes. I don’t like mistakes. I don’t like being wrong, being embarrassed, and I especially don’t like having to do it again.

What can I say…I’m lazy.

So sometimes I don’t do it. If I can’t get it right the first time, forget it. If it is hard, if it takes a long time, two steps forward, one step back, I’ll linger in the doorway, hoping someone else takes the first step. Please don’t make me do it.

Enters LOVE.

Love is a mystic force that drives the most mule-headed, lazy people (me) to do things they wouldn’t have dreamed they would ever do. For example, waking up at 4am to pack your husband’s suitcase so he can sleep an extra hour. Or driving to the…

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