Poems: Your Love Gives Me Strength

photo credit: Βethan via photopin cc

photo credit: Βethan via photopin cc

Do You Know?

Do you know that I love you?
In everything I do I think of you. Only you.
And your words travel with me in my every step. Only yours.
For I cannot compare.
I’ve turned down that game.
There was no one worth comparing.
I often draw from your strength
because you are stronger than me.
And I know there is someone even stronger that you draw from.
I draw from Him too.
And I love to meet you at the well
where we can draw together.
I’m learning what love means.
Taking baby steps to you.
Always to you.
Sometimes I’m scared.
That I’m not enough for you.
But I’ll try to be.
I’ll try with all I have.
I know you think I am.
I see a lot of Him in you.
I guess it’s a good thing.
To feel imperfect but loved.
That’s the way He loves.
Do you know that I love you?

Copyright: Grace Daigler Aug. 4th, 2008


Stanza Omega

Your love for me is overwhelming
I know it is there
How could I not?
I, the athlete, I the sprinter
All my physical abilities are nothing
When compared to thy love.
Your love
Your love
The Lord’s love

It sweeps me up in a whirlwind
I dance and sing praise to my creator
I am but an infant
There is no other way
I know to express the way I feel
And so I take baby steps as well
To you
To you
To the Lord

I am called to you
Love pulls me
Finally I give in to its might
To so much I am called
But your love for me gives me strength
For you
For you
For the Lord

I feel like I can soar
Eagle’s wings bear me up high
Fear no longer tortures the depths of my heart
With this newfound strength I wish to accomplish the Lord’s will
With you
With you
With the Lord

Not ever
Never will I be satisfied
Until I see you walk into the Beatific Vision.
With me
With me
Together with the Lord

Copyright: Andrew Suchyna Aug. 28, 2008


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