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My name is Grace, and I want to be used by God. This is what I most strongly desire and the easiest way I can identify myself. I have always been a person of dreams and of big plans; of changing plans. Every life I have ever pictured for myself, every calling I have ever felt God may call me to, has been one of reaching out to touch a wounded world. I am a leader and I want to make change. This is a calling I know I have, a deep-rooted part of my core.

With such a call in mind, I have considered many goals, ranging from being a missionary in Africa to a missionary of sorts bringing Christ’s purity, yes, even to the world of Hollywood. I got involved in pro-life ministry in 8th grade and really dove into it as a college student. I can now only imagine myself involved in the pro-life movement, through media outreach, setting up medical clinics, or maybe even both. I know somehow God will use me in great ways to protect His weakest.


Andrew and I on a family vacation in Maine

I have been in a relationship with the love of my life, Andrew, since the summer of 2008. We plan to get married in 2015. I know, it is an awfully long wait. We have had quite the singlehood together though, and I want to share our adventures with the world.

I am currently a Social Work major and Human Life minor at Franciscan University and just closed the year as Vice President of Franciscan Students for Life. This coming school year I will be starting a new ministry on campus, Equipped to Engage, a training in pro-life apologetics. Aside from planning the Equipped program, this summer I intend to open an Etsy shop, intern at a wonderful organization called The Guiding Star Project, and obtain an unknown part-time job. Woohoo! All on top of starting a blog. Hold onto your hats.


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