Before You Say “I Do” – The Power of Your Singlehood


photo credit: Deepatheawesome via photopin cc

Your singlehood is so powerful.

And I really, really hope you don’t waste it. I really hope I don’t waste it either.

Which is why I am creating this blog: “My Catholic Single Life.”

I have been in a relationship with the most patient and caring young Catholic man for almost FIVE years now, dating for almost two (we will go over the difference later), and as a rising senior in college sometimes (okay, often) I feel like what I am doing now is all a bunch of filler, waiting for real life to begin as a beautiful married bride. Isn’t that what we tend to say? “When I get out into the real world I will…” “When I graduate I will…” My Pinterest is already full of bridal decoration ideas, home furnishings, and creative crafts to do with my one hundred kids. I am just itching for the day I get the go-ahead to go white dress shopping.

But my sisters roll their eyes because they know that even though Andrew and I are planning to be married, we both have a full year of college left and an estimated two years until we can hear wedding chimes. So I feel like I am twiddling my thumbs earning a Social Work degree that I don’t plan on using for much more than a few years. Just checking a box. Filling time while I wait.

Does this sound familiar to you?

I want to tell you something. I don’t think God meant for me to be just filling time right now. And Heaven forbid I die and see Jesus and He tells me, “Gosh, Grace, those were meant to be the most important formative years of your life. So much depended on them. Why did you spend them twiddling your thumbs?”

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider myself a lazy person. More of an over-achiever, actually. But I just think that my singlehood could get a little more credit. If you can imagine God telling you in advance that the next two years of your life were actually incredibly important, maybe containing some of the most important moments and days and months of your life on earth, what would you do differently? Wouldn’t you put some thought into what God meant in terms of using this time to prepare your heart for that wonderful spouse you long for so much? And aside from preparing for your spouse, wouldn’t you think He looks at you as just YOU and wants you to realize the standalone importance of your single life?


photo credit: via photopin cc

This is your foundation. Like the foundation of a house. (You may hear me talk more about foundations.) I am not convinced that God meant for this time in our lives to be all about waiting for the next part of our lives to come. I can’t tell you what God wants for your singlehood. I don’t even know what He wants for mine yet. But I will tell you that I do think singlehood can be an extremely powerful time in our lives if we open ourselves to asking God how to make it so.

I will still be pinning lovely wedding theme ideas and dreaming of the days of cloth diapers and mini-vans. Maybe your dreams are somewhat different. I’m sure you’ll still be dreaming those dreams too. But whether you are in a relationship, dating, engaged, or as single as it comes, I challenge you to subscribe and journey with me as I explore what it means to live a more powerful and meaningful Catholic single life.


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